30.12.2005 ATTENTION!!! Date 30.12.2005 henceforth can be counted the next mark in creativity of No Spiritual Surrender! Today work above last voice parts to a new album "... to the Land Where Eternal Autumn Rules " has been finished, and its release this year can be counted successfully taken place! The following compositions have come in an album:
1. Tribute to Autumn (intro)
2. the Land Where Eternal Autumn Rules
3. Autumn Solitude
4. ...from the Bottom of Dying Soul
5. The Dance of Falling Snowflakes
6. Go Away, February! (acoustic)
7. Lacrimas Profundere
8. Paths... and Fires...
9. Rednerrus Lautirips (outro)
+ bonus-track 10. Go Away, February! (live)
Duration of an album makes about 55 minutes.
A cover from an album, texts of songs and songs expect to see shortly on this and other sites of the Internet.

22.12.2005 Vocal parts to intro "Tribute to Autumn" was done.

29.08.2005 The work with music to future album was finished. Today there was made instrumental composition "The Dance of Falling Snowflakes" and music to Outro "Rednerrus Lautirips".

29.08.2005 There was a banner exchange with moldavian doom/gothic-metal band Offertorium.

17.08.2005 The next one composition "Autumn Solitude" was written.

10.05.2005 The great day... English version of site had a huge changes today and it correctly working again.

01.05.2005 On WNP's site there was published an interview with Ixnay.
Have a read...

16.04.2005 In the end of May - start of June it's planning to re-release the demo-album of No Spiritual Surrender "In the Depth of Desperation" (2003) on the independent french label WNP (Whispering Nights Production). Follow the next news on this site or site of WNP

06.04.2005 The number of site visitors was run to 1000.

16.01.2005 The next one instrumental composition "From the Bottom of Dying Soul" is done. This one will appear in future album and will be able to download as soon as possible.

31.12.2004 Music to future song "Paths... and Fires..." was written. It's left to record a vocale part.

20.12.2004 The first full instrumental composition "Lacrimas Profundere" is finally done. You may to download and listen it soon.

19.09.2004 The work with new album " the Land Where Eternal Autumn Rules" is started.

19.02.2004 Today there was updated GALLERYS' page...

04.02.2004 The number of visitors of site is run to 400!

01.02.2004 English version of site was changed!!! There were updated all pages: HISTORY, LYRICS, MUSIC, LINKS, and also were added a 2 NEW pages - DISCOGRAPHY and CONTACTS. Updating GALLERY is planning in the nearest time...

06.12.2003 The page of History for English version of site was udated... Translation was succesfully done...

18.11.2003 The number of visitors of site is run to 300!

17.11.2003 The next long-awaited Ixnays' performance witn an old staff of his old group of the 3rd faculty was commited. More comprehensively information and photos will be able later...

26.10.2003 Music for new composition "To My Horned Lord" was written. It is within the limits of 'doom-death metal'. The future song will not the same with any past songs from the first album, but it will like to you... Seemingly this composition is the primary NoSpiritS' tendency to. It remained only to re-record guitars parts in a live sound and record the vocals.

24.10.2003 The History of project was updated, but for a present only in Russion version.

14.09.2003 The number of visitors of site is run to 200!

Russion group PAGAN REIGN (pagan metal, Tver) finished reduction and mastering of their new album Reflections of Glory and Rebirth of Past Greatness. The official date of discs' realization - 10th of September 2003. The album will appear on Sound Age roductions.
1.Into the Dark of Ages
2.Wind of Past
4.Immortal Tribe
6.Spill Blood
7.The Guardian of Antiquity
9.Domination over a Paganism
10.Rising Hands to Sky

Albums' cover is HERE.
The official site of group - .

07.09.2003 Some design changes of "Lyrics" section.

04.09.2003 Work with new composition (prior name is "Paths")is begin...

02.09.2003 Registration of the projects' name as "No Spiritual Surrender" on the site, that copyrighting of using this bandname.

24.08.2003 Texts of songs from the first album "In The Depth of Desperation" there were published on the largest rock-portal of Ukraine "Rock.Com.Ua"; look at HERE.

29.07-31.08.2003 Moral, physical and creative vacation... Inter alia - meeting with the band "Total Burst of Mind" [Total'niy Vzriv Razuma] (Nikolaev-city, Ukraine), and also there was a visiting of the 4th international yearly festival of extremal music Metal Head's Mission fest. near the Evpatoria-city (Ukraine). To read the live report about this measure you may HERE... Just download this MS Word-file (RUS).

28.07.2003 Design of site was changed...

22.07.2003 The first album called "In The Depth of Desperation" was appear...
At this time all information about album you can find and read on the pages of this site...
And also HERE or HERE.

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