Eternity can be created... Fate can be specified...
Love can be a deathly... But Autumn never will die...


27.09.2006 The new album of No Spiritual Surrender
"Seawind" (EP)

Since March 2006 the new presentetion disk is distributing. It contains the following mp3-albums:
No Spiritual Surrender "In the Depth of Desperation" (2003)
No Spiritual Surrender " the Land Where Eternal Autumn Rules" (2005)
Terra Impressionum "Live in Simferopol 27.01.2006" (Crimean doom/black metal)
+ photos, video-fragments, interviews and small biographies.

27.09.2006 It was finished the work with the 3rd album of No Spiritual Surrender "Seawind" (EP). As it plained, this work turned out memorial and very symbolic, becouse it's devoted to the first three compositions, which made NoSpiritS' history, and its release in September has the same month as the first composition "...So Fell Autumn Rain" appeared in 2002.
Among this one song the album consists of such compositions as "...Dying He Called Her Name", "Seawind", its heavier version - "Seastorm", and intro - "Black Sea's Sirens".
The first video clip on "Seawind" is attaching too.
Duration of the album playing is 20 minutes and a half, and its quality of record is gladding at last!
Links for downloading will be announced later.

19.09.2006 There was completed the first video "Seawind". This small video advertisement hasn't good quality enough, but it transmits idea well. It'll be also included in the future EP-album as a bonus. There is left to record one vocal part in "...Dying He Called Her Name" to finish the new album creation.

19.09.2006 Trere was 2000th visitor.

Some pages were added, some were corrected. Some of them left under construction.

22.02.2006 The work with new mini-album "Seawind" is started.

18.01.2006 The new internet-source which is dedicated to band Terra Impressionum (doom-metal, Novofedorovka)was opened - The opening of official site of group is planning in nearest future.

18.01.2006 Renaissance Promouter & Metal Mafia Prod PRESENT: 27.01.2006 in the rock-club "2 Captains" (Simferopol city) there is the debut performance of the band Terra Impressionum (doom-metal, Novofedorovka) within the program "Metal Massacre Show". Also will play Phobia (brutal-death, Saki) and Izmena (thrash-core, Kremenchug). Diving - at 20-00. Don't miss!
Remember, that in the band "T.I." Ixnay playing bass-guitar.

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